February 27, 2008

Yeah, I know a guy.

I have gotten a few emails and comments from folks who loved the brunch flyer and our knitting group emblem. They were both done by my friend Patrick Kiernan, and he is happy to talk to you about your graphic design needs. Email him at prkiernan@gmail.com. Or visit his blog, I Was On A Mountain.

In case you missed them, here are what people have been asking about:

He did this one for our Thursday night knitting group. Eventually they will be made into t-shirts, woot. Read the original post here.

This is his flyer for the last Snell Isle Brunch. Original post is here. (PS, the next brunch is March 23rd. The new flyer with the menu will be up soon).

And because I like photos in every post, here is Patrick with his wife Stephanie, my Sunday morning kitchen accomplice.

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