July 17, 2008

Florida, I miss you already.

I'm moving to Denver at the end of the month to hang out with my grandpa, my cousins, the mountains, and the prairie dogs for a bit. I will likely be back in St. Pete in a year or so to finish up a degree, but until then I dearly will miss all my favorite people in my favorite city in Florida.

Before I start sobbing, let's talk about how great Denver is. Specifically, how great Denver food is. I went for a short visit with some friends in June, and we went to WaterCourse Foods for brunch on our last day in town.

I may have had two meals. To myself.

Good ole rocky mountain gluttony.

Florentine Scramble

Biscuits and Gravy

I like vegan foods with bloody in the name.

We were all a little pink and crispy from a picnic in Wash Park the day before.

Matt, Erin, Stephanie, Patrick. BFFs, rock lobsters.

We ate too much. And made food babies.

They've got the glow.

WaterCourse brunch is enough to make me want to move 1500 miles, but big green parks, family, and a change of pace are enough to lock it in. Plus, Coopy will be stoked about the flea situation. Take care, Florida, I'll be back soon.


July 11, 2008

The July Brunch and Bike Ride is already out of control.

And it's still more than a week away.

The Details:

When: Sunday, July 20th; Ride at 12:30, Brunch at 1:30

Where: Ride meets at Northshore Park (picnic table near 15th Ave NE); Brunch is at 140 Ricardo Way NE

Theme: Batman: The Dark Knight / Christmas in July

Menu: Pancakes. And other good stuff. I haven't decided yet.

Donation: $5, proceeds to The Skirts

Why you should go: This may be the last one for a bit. Also, did you see the theme? Also, did see the part about pancakes?

Questions and concerns: Email me at hoorayvegan@gmail.com.

When Britt suggested a Christmas in July theme, I had concerns about reconciling it with our already-decided-upon Batman theme. Pam responded with this:

And then I went on a Google image search journey and found these:

Evil Stay Puft Santa?!

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't miss this particular event.

July 9, 2008

I should be working right now.

I'm at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale this week. I'm supposed to be at a couple of different places right this minute, but I went to Sublime last night and I wanted to tell it to someone who cared. It was pretty freaking great. Vegan picatta? Eggplant rollatini? Chocolate nirvana? Yes please. I'm going again tonight, and I'm bringing my camera with me.

July 3, 2008

All I did in New York was eat.

No, seriously. I had at least four meals a day. And when I go to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, I make a happy plate1, because it is likely I won't be back for a while. I spent most of my trip uncomfortably but happily full.

My very first meal in New York was at Bliss, at 191 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. The fu scramble filling was meh, but I was thrilled with the gooey cheese (does anyone know what they use?), pico de gallo, beans, breakfast potatoes, and sour cream. I made a happy take out box on my way to do touristy things.

Messy and tasty.

1. happy plate - a full plate turned into an empty plate (origin: Stephanie Kiernan)

July 1, 2008

How you say sandwich, Boo?

I made sandwiches for dinner (hummus and vegetables on poppy seed bread), and was thinking of all the words I know for sandwich. Here is my list. Please add to it. 

Bread hug

And since all this sandwich talk has probably given you sandwich fever, here are some recipes: