February 9, 2008

Soon, everyone in St. Pete will be vegan.

Well, maybe not everyone. But almost everyone, because we are feeding them.

Next brunch will Sunday, March 23rd (edit: now March 16th) at 1:30. Proceeds this time go to V-Day, and the menu will be V-Day themed (more on that later. Hold your horses).

Also, once a month isn't enough, so there will be Saturday afternoon vegan barbecues at Pam's. The first one will be February 23rd. Excellent food, still $5, proceeds to a good cause. Also, I am celebrating my birthday that day, so please look your best and remember to give me a high five. Or a cupcake.

Email me for details.


Oh! PS! We have a photo pool now. You should join.


  1. Jealous, I want fun vegan brunch parties in NYC :)

  2. Looking at your pics is making me so excited to move to Florida. I'll be on the other coast, but a sunny vegan brunch in a hammock looks good anywhere. I put a post up on the PPK forum asking for moving to Florida advice (good timing for a Florida topic there), so if you have any tips... I appreciate any info I can get.