August 22, 2007

You don't eat what?

I am on a cruise to Alaska with my grandpa this week. The first three days were all steamed broccoli and dinner rolls, but then I asked if I could have what the crew was having, and I ended up with some incredible Indian food.

Chana Masala, jasmine rice, flatbread.


Mango tamarind sorbet.

The next night I got tofu and vegetables. The tofu was uncooked. Good thing I'm so hardcore.

In Juneau, everyone eats smoked tofu like it's a candy bar.

Rainbow Foods in Juneau. They love vegans in the last frontier.

Bonus glacier.

August 12, 2007

Purple potatoes!

Purple potatoes were on sale this week. Here's a lovely shot.

And another inside shot.

Here they mashed with garlic and Earth Balance, next to pizza with spinach and roasted garlic pesto, Basil Tofu Ricotta from Vegan with a Vengeance, and cremini mushrooms.

Close up.

First post = food porn

There was so little food in the house, and there is something about Sundays lately that makes me dread the idea of leaving the house. Lolo saved the day with her delicious tomato, basil, and Tofutti sandwich.

So so so good. Recipe is at VeganYumYum. Go now!