May 25, 2008

I know I overuse emoticon hearts.

But sometimes words just won't do, right?

I am in Prophetstown Illinois this week. Population 2150, and I am related to most of them. Anyway, I got all misty eyed on the plane ride up here because I was thinking about my Aunt Karen, who passed away this fall. There are a million wonderful things I could say about my Aunt Karen, but for whatever reason I keep thinking about how every time I came to Prophetstown from the time I was eight years old, I would find her freezer full of veggie burgers.

And it's not just my Aunt Karen. When I arrived this past Thursday, my Aunt Beth ransacked her cupboards and refrigerator, reading labels and pulling out everything she could find that was vegan. So thank you so much to all of my family that have always been so great about making sure that I am well fed. Special thanks to my Aunt Beth, cousin Jennifer, Aunt Lana, Grandpa Roger, and my mom and dad for checking up on me or taking care of me at every family meal. Every vegan should be this lucky.

Some not-so-recent family fotos.