July 11, 2008

The July Brunch and Bike Ride is already out of control.

And it's still more than a week away.

The Details:

When: Sunday, July 20th; Ride at 12:30, Brunch at 1:30

Where: Ride meets at Northshore Park (picnic table near 15th Ave NE); Brunch is at 140 Ricardo Way NE

Theme: Batman: The Dark Knight / Christmas in July

Menu: Pancakes. And other good stuff. I haven't decided yet.

Donation: $5, proceeds to The Skirts

Why you should go: This may be the last one for a bit. Also, did you see the theme? Also, did see the part about pancakes?

Questions and concerns: Email me at hoorayvegan@gmail.com.

When Britt suggested a Christmas in July theme, I had concerns about reconciling it with our already-decided-upon Batman theme. Pam responded with this:

And then I went on a Google image search journey and found these:

Evil Stay Puft Santa?!

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't miss this particular event.


  1. july, abbie, july.

    though, i'll be happy to look the other way if this means you'll stay through august...