July 3, 2008

All I did in New York was eat.

No, seriously. I had at least four meals a day. And when I go to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, I make a happy plate1, because it is likely I won't be back for a while. I spent most of my trip uncomfortably but happily full.

My very first meal in New York was at Bliss, at 191 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. The fu scramble filling was meh, but I was thrilled with the gooey cheese (does anyone know what they use?), pico de gallo, beans, breakfast potatoes, and sour cream. I made a happy take out box on my way to do touristy things.

Messy and tasty.

1. happy plate - a full plate turned into an empty plate (origin: Stephanie Kiernan)


  1. More New York food pictures!

  2. Yep! I'm never hungry the whole time in NYC, I just keep eating & eating!