March 28, 2008

Let me show you this new blog.

Anthony Bourdain hates vegans.

Luckily, vegans know how to handle haters. Hezbollah Tofu is dealing with Mr. Bourdain's misplaced rage by veganizing his recipes. And raising money for charity at the same time.

Check out this cruelty free deliciousness:

Tournedos d'Seitan with Poached Figs

Creme Brulee/Creme Caramel

So go visit, comment, contribute, and for goodness sake, cook you up some excellent vegan cuisine.

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  1. Hokay.

    For those who don't happen to live with a vegan master, the ppk (Post Punk Kitchen) is holding a contest to redefine Bourdain's name. The thread can be found here:

    My personal vote is for intentional sadism directed at animals. IE Michael Vick bourdained numerous dogs at his home.

    The very definitive action is depicted below. WARNING: it's the video of a smiling US soldier throwing a puppy over a cliff.

    Abbie and I are pulling together a plan to add some vegan delights to the Tavern's menu. If you have ideas, please holler.
    More importantly, if you eat like you give a damn, go to the Tavern sometime in the next few weeks and ask about vegan options. Gavan is open to ideas IFF there's going to be demand for them. So speak up-- and once they're added grub down. Cheap beer and cute waitstaff are included as an added bonus!

    In other exciting news, people are heading to brunch from as far away lands as Jacksonville. Heck yes it's worth it!