November 8, 2008

Vegan Shoes: Now More Than Ever

When I was a wee vegan, way back in the 1990s, shoe options were slim. Or at least they were in Tavares, Florida. In junior high I waited for weeks for a pair of vegan Doc Martens that had to be shipped all the way from the UK. I loved my Vegetan boots, but I was so bummed at how much of a pain it was to find cruelty free shoes. There were online resources, but for the most part they weren't my style (think hemp mary janes and Chuck Taylor copycats that were just a little too clunky).

Yesterday we went shoe shopping, and I was impressed by how far we've come. Ahimsa in Denver is an all-vegan shoes and accessories store that has bags, wallets, and men's and women's shoes that fit a nice variety of tastes. The service and location are great, and the selection is lovely. And you can shop online!

Peep* my new boots. Take that, rain and snow.

Danny got some excellent velcro sneakers. Senior citizenship, here we come!

Be sure to visit Ahimsa if you are ever in Denver (or on the internet, for that matter). I need them to stick around. Below is a list of other shops and websites where you can find vegan shoes and other faux-leather accessories. Let me know if I am missing one that you love!

MooShoes in New York
Herbivore in Portland
Vegetarian Shoes and Bags (online)
Alternative Outfitters (online)
Vans has a vegan section!
The Vegan Collection: Men's business shoes online

*Slang courtesy of Patrick Kiernan.


  1. Drenched out midnight black, sick. Danny's shoes look like they might float. That's not slang, they really do look like they have buoyancy.

  2. Vegan shoes are magical and floaty. Duh.

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  4. Hey, I tagged you:

    I really like those boots!

  5. I love teh shoes I found @

    I can't stop wearing the Solana boot from NEUAURA. The silhouette is so chic and simple that it goes with practically every outfit and I love the velvet lining!

  6. Vegan need not be ugly anymore!

    Check out
    I think you'll agree, they have great looking shoes, boots and more there! (and affordable!)