April 18, 2008

Ideas For Spending Your Tax Return, by Hooray Vegan

Item One: Vegan Etsy

Did you know that there is an Etsy group of vegan artists, crafters, and bakers? Peek at the shop list on the blog, or visit some of my favorites:

I Like Applejuice

Go get you some vegan haggis, Tings, or an adorable grocery tote. 

Item Three: Herbivore Clothing Company

Now you can irk people with your dietary choices and your wardrobe:

<3 Abbie Rae


  1. What's this rumor about a new vegan e-zine originating in St. Pete? Ya'll know anything about that?

  2. yay, Hilary is still around! we miss her on her blog.
    and that piggy thing from Food Fight, I adore: I have it on a tee-shirt and it's my favorite.
    what a nifty entry this is.

  3. Thank you for posting about Vegan Etsy!!