April 8, 2008

For sale:

Our knitting group is finally printing t-shirts. We've gotten enough requests from folks not actually in the group that we decided to print a bunch and give the proceeds to CASA, an organization which aids victims of domestic violence.

So, if you would like one, please email me at aharris@marine.usf.edu with your desired size and quantity, and I will respond within 24 hours with a paypal invoice. I will stop taking orders at midnight on Sunday, April 13, 2008. When ordering, please keep in mind that these shirts are American Apparel, so will run small. They should take a week to two weeks to come in, and we will ship them immediately.

They are $16, plus $3 shipping for the continental US (if you are ordering from elsewhere, email me and I will give you a shipping total).

And in case you missed the knit night post, here is what they will look like:

You can thank Erin for the name, Patrick for the design, and my three pints of cider for the motto (mantra? catchphrase?).

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  1. http://image.idlethreat.com/gallery/images/tnghatspp5.jpg

    Make it so, Number 1.